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Loose Teeth

Understanding Gum Disease Symptoms

If you have loose or shifting teeth, this could be a warning sign of a much bigger problem related to your oral health. If your teeth are shifting, moving easily, or becoming loose, you must set up an appointment with Dr. Ronald Rice as soon as possible. Teeth that move could be a sign of gum disease or other oral health problems affecting the supporting structures of your teeth.

What Causes Loose Teeth?

For some people, loose teeth can be the result of injury or trauma to the mouth. For others, shifting teeth could occur due to progressing periodontal disease. When you have an active infection in the mouth that is not under control, the bacteria can destroy bone and gum tissue around your teeth. When there is not enough supporting structure in place, your teeth can eventually fall out.

Gum Disease Symptoms and Loose Teeth

Some of the signs and symptoms linked to loose teeth are the same as many gum disease symptoms, including:

• Bleeding gums
• Sore or inflamed gums
• Food getting stuck between the teeth
• Receding gums
• Pus accumulation around a tooth

Preventing Loose Teeth

Practicing good oral hygiene is essential for avoiding gum disease symptoms and protecting your teeth. If you are showing early signs of gum disease, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Eating a healthy and well balanced diet can also improve your oral and overall health. Taking the time to brush and floss your teeth regularly, and following Dr. Rice’s recommendations for managing gingivitis, can help to prevent gum disease symptoms from occurring.

Dr. Rice offers several therapies for adults with loose or missing teeth, including deep cleanings, antibiotic therapy, laser gum surgery, bone grafts, gum grafts, tooth extractions, and tooth replacement with implants.

If you are looking for a loose teeth dentist in Twin Falls, ID or want to learn more about gum disease symptoms, schedule your consultation with Dr. Rice today!
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