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Root Canal

Tooth Decay Dentist

Any problems that you might have with the root canal system of your teeth will need to be treated as soon as possible. Dr. Ronald Rice is a dentist in Twin Falls who performs endodontics, and uses the latest technologies and techniques to ensure a comfortable patient experience. Whether you need an endodontic diagnosis, a root canal, or any type of surgery, Dr. Rice can perform the procedures you need and help you achieve optimal oral health.

Reasons to See a Dentist for Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal in Burley, IDAn excessive amount of tooth decay is an indication that your tooth is diseased, infected, or injured. In many cases, your tooth can be saved with endodontic treatment. You can discuss all of your treatment options with Dr. Rice during your consultation.

The goal of endodontics is to help you maintain all of your natural teeth, eliminate infection, and limit the amount of additional dental work you would otherwise need for a healthy smile. Dr. Rice can treat tooth decay and perform a root canal procedure to save your natural teeth and help them last for a lifetime.

The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Rice may recommend a root canal when the tooth pulp has become infected. A severe infection can make you lose your teeth, and a root canal is performed to remove the infection and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the mouth. Dr. Rice typically performs this procedure under local anesthetic. Once you are numb, a rubber dam is placed around the infected tooth to protect the mouth and throat. Next, an opening is made through the top of the tooth. Dr. Rice will use a dental file to clean out the infected tissue and shape the root canal for a filling. He may perform x-rays to ensure that all of the infection has been removed. After the root canal is complete, a resin buildup and crown can be placed over the tooth to strengthen the tooth structure and protect the tooth.

If you do not get treatment for tooth decay or an infected tooth, the infection can pass down to the jaw bone and cause severe damage to the bone and surrounding teeth.

An infected tooth will not heal on its own! You must set up an appointment with your dentist for Twin Falls, ID as soon as possible. Call us today!
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