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Patient Testimonials

Catherine V, Customer since 2003
"I really liked the way that you cut off the extra skin this time. This time was way less painful I only took one dose of pain pills and that was all I needed. It also seems like it is healing alot faster. Thank you for being willing to try new ways for your patients that you think will hurt less. I really appreciate it. Cathy"

John M, Customer since 2011
"A wonderful relaxing, non stressful experiance. I havn't been to a dentist in way too long because I don't like to pay people to chew me out. Not even a hint of that here. Another incredibly good point was the wonderfully easy to understand explanations of everything with very good pictures and no rushing. It could not have been better."

Anonymous Verified customer
"NO waiting in the lobby!! Wonderful experience, quick, freindly and fast!"

Anonymous, Verified customer
"All Smiles Dental!!! Great service, very professional. Top notch work!!"

Desiree F, Customer since 2009
"Very friendly and easy to work with"

Chalena R, Customer since 2007
"All Smiles is Just Amazing!!! Love the professional, courteous staff! Never disappointed by the work :)"

Anonymous, Verified customer
"I have had several dentists in my life. I dont think I have ever had one as technically sound. Dr. Rice is willing to try new, cutting-edge techniques that are minimally invasive and provide huge returns for the patient. Administering the numbing product is one of his strengths. He does so in a way that rarely puts the patient in any pain."

Jaiden K, Customer since 2011
"My 5 year old and 10 year old went in by themselves and I stayed in the waiting room. I never heard any crying and they came out happy.Dr. Rice is the best."

Kymberly C, Customer since 2011
"I had a very good experience here! My other dentist wouldnt address the problem at hand and Dr Rice only addressed that problem! I look forward to continuing to come here for my dental health! Thanks again!!"

Jaylynne T, Customer since 2011
"Thanks for working me in (emergency basis, almost) and for working Max in on a totally surprise, unexpected, unappointed, uninvited, non-emergency basis. I still don't know what the man was thinking, but I guess when he wants to see a dentist, he goes and sees the dentist! He's pretty common-sense that way. I hope it was as good for you guys as it was for us. (Seriously, no blue humor intended.) See you guys in a couple of weeks. Thanks again."

Casi Millspaugh
"Very clean, organized, pleasant atmosphere. I appreciate the fact that we do not have to feel out tons of paperwork! It's so simple!! Dr. Rice is very patient and always explains everything he is doing (which I greatly appreciate). The whole team is awesome!!!!!!"

Nathaniel H, Customer since 2009
"As always, I was impressed with how things went at our most recent appointment. The staff and the doctor are always kind and considerate, especially in light of the fact that this was the first "intense" dental visit for our son! He was not scared or worried, and for that I am grateful!"

"Patient, caring and experienced."

Mattie E W, Customer since 2006
"Great visit.. Always a pleasure!"

Don B, Customer since 2011
"Great experience. The best I can remember. Thanks Don Bundy"

Maureen N, Customer since 2011
"This place is so high tech, it's amazing!! No waste of time filling out info sheets, they just ask a few questions and you're in. They're very friendly and helpful. Haven't had anything major yet, but I'm going in next week for some major work. I'll let you know more later."

Steven F, Customer since 2010
"Normally I don't like to go the dentist, now it's a pleasure. The staff and Doctor are very caring and professional and do their best to make you comfortable."

Leonard M, Customer since 2006
"very good communication -- very professional and courteous."

Keith S, Customer since 1999
"Friendly and helpful staff; reception area unavailable from 12-1PM during inclement weather"

Ralph S, Customer since 2010
"Your office makes a dental appointment enjoyable. Thank you for your excellent dental care."

Michael M, Customer since 2003
"Service was great, friendly staff. Thanks!"

"a good place to go to get worked on"

Ginger J, Customer since 1999
"State of the Art dental service. You will never find a better dentist and staff."

Dennis S, Customer since 2010
"Thanks Dr. Rice for your comforting demeanor and outstanding service and staff. Your personal interaction with me was highly regarded. I especially liked the methodology you explained as well as the options you provided. I liked that your staff showed me the cost break down before the actual procedure was initiated. Further, even though there was a problem with the light in the cleaning tech's space -- they didn't panic. As you had indicated your cleaning tech was gentle as well. Kudo's on a fantastic office and a great staff and for a dental whimp like me a satisfying trip to the dentist!"

William B, Customer since 2003
"Very friendly and are willing show you the best way to take of your teeth."

Randy O, Customer since 1999
"I had a very good exsperras at the dentist and I always trented good at His office."

Marvin S, Customer since 2008
"Very good professional staff. Will provide care ASAP.Service is very good."
Robert B, Customer since 2010
"Dr Rice was very good as usual I really like how he explains everything. Looking forward with the next visit."

Donna S, Customer since 2011
"Dr. Rice and his staff are efficient, friendly and professional. Pain free dentistry. Would recommend to anyone I know."

Josephine P, Customer since 2005
"If you are looking for a dentist, you really need to go to Dr. Ron Rice, All Smiles Dental. He and his staff are really wonderful people. They really care about you and male you fell comfortable and welcome. Dr, Rice does a great job."

Donna S, Customer since 2011
"Dr. Rice is a caring and gentle Dentist. He and his staff are terrific. Work was done quickly and painlessly."

Anonymous, Verified customer
"Got right in and out, and offered to fill a cavity right then instead of having to reschedule."

Christopher H, Customer since 2011
"You are all outstanding. Thank yopu!"

Anonymous, Verified customer
"Everyone is courteous and friendly. Also very professional."

John M, Customer since 2002
"Great service & super cool ladies, what more could a old fat guy ask for, except maybe a bottle of norco. THANKS"

Anonymous, Verified customer
"Always a good experience. Wonderful dentist and great staff! Thanks!"

Evelyn J, Customer since 2012

"A very positive experience. Everyone is very nice, experienced to deal with the public and very efficient. I highly recommend the Dentist and his staff."

Anonymous, Verified customer
"Had a root canal- my first one. Heard all the horror stories from friends, but I had NO pain..... just a sore jaw from keeping my mouth open so long. Would recommend Dr Rice to all my family and friends!!!!"

Dean H, Customer since 2011
"Hopefully you'll require less than implants but even so:
Great Staff
Excellent work and service
Highly recommend"

Ruth T, Customer since 2011
"Everyone at All Smiles Dental was very kind, helpful and a pleasure to be around.Dr Ron Rice is informative and very good at making his patients feel at ease. Thank you"

Martin B, Customer since 2010
"well it wasnt the best experience because i have been in a horrible amount of pain through the last two weeks. i will probably not reschedule the next appointment until after the holidays because i dont want that to mess with my christmas. sometime after new years thanks."

Tanya B, Customer since 1999
"Well, you all know that I think you are wonderful! Honest, friendly, informative and easy to work with; this is my description of Dr. Rice's dental health team. Thank you for not only being very professional, but also for being good friends. I've been a regular visitor to many dentists throughout my life and have never felt more welcome and well-cared for as at All Smiles. You're the best."

Diana L, Customer since 2010
"All good!Like the results and all the everyone there."

Earl S, Customer since 2004
"As good as a trip to the denist can be, very cordial staff."

Hannelore (T) F, Customer since 2008
"Very professonal staff, very kind and patient. Dr. Rice is the best in his field, explains proceder, takes time with you, and makes sure that your treatment is as painless as possible"

Brad C
"Very friendly, quick and nearly painless."

Cynthia S, Customer since 2006
"Everyone is professional and friendly. Dr. Rice is very good at what he does."

Deelyn D, Customer since 1999
"It was great"

Anne L, Customer since 2011
"Very satisfied. Dr Rice worked with me and I received what I needed .All the attendents were very helpful.thank you"

"Very friendly staff. Not like any other dentists office I've been to. As soon as I arrive, I'm pulled in right away. Very quick no waiting around all!! They are also very carful not to hurt u while cleaning. Very glad I chose this place to do my 6 month checkups. They also have this wonderful system where I am reminded of my appointments via text message!!"

Julie B, Customer since 2004
"All of the staff is Great!! Dr Rice is a great dentist and I reccomend him to all of mt friends."

Sam P, Customer since 2003
"Everything was great"

Tanya B, Customer since 1999
"Wonderful as usual!"

Mark H, Customer since 2005
"Knows his stuff and won't BS you."

Josephine P., Customer since 2005
"If any one is looking for a dentist~~~go to All Smiles Dentist. Dr. Rice is a great dentist and his staff are all wonderful. Very friendly caring people."

Sheena T, Customer since 2004
"They were helpful and very willing to prioritize what work needed done. The work was done as painlessly as possible."

Steven F, Customer since 2010
"staff is great, very caring and hard working. willing to go the extra mile to make things easy on you"

Stetzon B, Customer since 2006
"My son was treated extremly well!! Thank you all for being so nice and helpful.'

Cheryl B, Customer since 2010
"I would recomend not having work done when you have a major head cold. ;) very painfull and difficult with the chair at a tilt angle with a head cold . Had a migrane headache all night. Other wise you guys did great."

Evelyn J, Customer since 2012
"Everyone at All Smiles Dental has never been anything but courteous, friendly, professional, and helpful. In my opinion Dr, Rice is an excellent Dentist, and a very helpful person. He answers all questions and dosen't seem to mind doing so."

Richard P, Customer since 2013
"I enjoyed the company and the hospitality that u all gave me. I would recomend u to everyone I know.. Thank you all so very much."

Brad C, Customer since 2012
"Very friendly, quick and nearly painless."

Jessie L, Customer since 2010
"Dr. Rice is an awesome guy. He and his offce do evrything to make you feel very relaxed, and welcome. I recomend him to anyone needing dental work."

Dean H, Customer since 2011
"All good so far... I would rate Dr. Rice as excellent, staff as well."

De-wet R, Customer since 2011
"It's a dream going. Nice friendly people that makes you feel comfortable and relax and they make you feel at home"

Madelyn S, Customer since 2012
"great thank you"

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