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Sedation Options in Burley, ID

Sedation in Burley, IDIf you had a painful experience going to the dentist as a child or have had a traumatic dental experience as an adult, you may avoid seeing the dentist altogether. Visiting the dentist regularly is essential for optimal oral health. Even if you have a fear of dental treatment, sedation dentist Dr. Ronald Rice can help! Dr. Rice offers sedation dentistry for patients who want to feel more comfortable and relaxed before and during their procedure. You can be free of fear and anxiety with the help of a sedation dentist.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Rice offers three types of sedation: oral sedation and nitrous oxide with local anesthesia. He may recommend general anesthesia to patients who need to undergo several procedures in a single visit, or in certain other situations.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation dentistry allows us to relieve fear and anxiety that the patient may be experiencing without the use of needles or an IV. If you usually have difficulty getting numb, you will generally have no problem feeling more relaxed with oral sedation. With this service, you will take a small pill before your appointment which will make you feel very calm and relaxed during and after your procedure.

Nitrous Oxide with Local Anesthetic

This form of sedation is used by more than 35 percent of all dentists in the United States. The patient feels euphoric and relaxed within five minutes of inhaling a colorless and odorless gas. After the gas is stopped, you will return to normal and can even drive yourself home.

Dr. Rice may decide to numb some parts of your mouth with local anesthetic so he can perform various procedures without you feeling any pain. You are still conscious during the procedure and can respond to commands.

The best candidates for sedation dentistry are those that have a very high fear of going to the dentist, patients who have difficulty getting numb, and patients who might have an aversion or deep seated fear of being in the dental chair.

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