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Dr. Ronald Rice offers laser dentistry services using the WaterLase® dental laser, an innovative and versatile laser tool that can often provide greater accuracy than traditional tools when treating teeth, bone, and gum tissue. WaterLase® is used for certain procedures, such as replacing a dental filling, bone grafting, and also for various types of soft tissue therapies.

How the WaterLase® Dental Laser Works

The WaterLase® dental laser is designed to deliver a combination of YSGG laser energy with a spray of water. This process is called HydroPhotonics™. The process allows the dentist or periodontist to provide treatment with fewer shots and far less anesthesia than regular procedures. WaterLase® does not cause any friction in the treated area, and some procedures can be performed without any anesthesia. Whether you are having a dental filling replaced or are undergoing your dental implant process, you will experience minimal discomfort resulting from the use of this laser.

Benefits of WaterLase®

Since the WaterLase® procedure does not generate heat or cause any friction or vibration, the procedure is typically more comfortable than those performed using traditional tools. Your visit to Dr. Rice’s office may be shorter because you will not have to wait to be numbed prior to your procedure. Your recovery time might also be shorter and more manageable since the WaterLase® procedure will not aggravate the gum tissue or cause any damage that might interfere with the healing process. In addition, Dr. Rice will be able to perform your procedure with greater accuracy which can lead to a more favorable outcome.

Other benefits include:

• No needles required
• No drill motor noise
• Minimal pain and discomfort during and after the procedure

Do you have questions about laser dentistry in Twin Falls, ID? Call Dr. Rice today to find out how the WaterLase® dental laser can help to place dental fillings as well as other procedures with minimal discomfort and fast recovery times.

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