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Waterlase® Procedure in Burley, ID

Cavity Fillings with the WaterLase® Laser

Dr. Ronald Rice may use the WaterLase® laser to perform cavity fillings and other procedures during your visit. This versatile tool allows Dr. Rice to perform a variety of procedures with more accuracy and less trauma than traditional tools like a dental drill or even a scalpel. The WaterLase® laser can be used to perform both cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. Dr. Rice may also employ this laser for some types of periodontal therapies.

Why We Use WaterLase®

WaterLase® offers a number of benefits to patients. You will enjoy far less discomfort and even a faster recovery time when a WaterLase® laser is used instead of traditional methods. Since there is no friction and heat involved, the tissues can heal quickly and the patient feels minimal if any discomfort. In fact, many procedures can be performed without anesthesia.

Patients enjoy the added benefit of a shorter trip to the dentist because they do not have to wait to be numbed with local anesthetic before their procedure. Any pain or discomfort that you experience during the procedure will soon subside, as the tissues heal relatively quickly during the post treatment phase. In fact, patients experience very little inflammation and discomfort after their treatment. From removing decay to treating soft tissue conditions, Dr. Rice can perform your dental procedure using WaterLase® with greater accuracy.

Procedures Using the WaterLase® Laser

The WaterLase® Laser can be used to perform a wide range of general, cosmetic, and periodontal procedures, including:

• Cavity Preparation
• Removal of Caries
• Hard Tissue Surface Etching
• Enameloplasty
• Dental Implant Preparation
• Gum Recontouring
• Oral Growth Removal
• Gum Recession Prevention
• Periodontal Disease Treatment
• Crown lengthening
• Endodontic procedures

Do you have questions about laser dentistry in Burley, ID? Find out if Dr. Rice can perform cavity fillings and other dental procedures using the WaterLase®. Set up your consultation with Dr. Rice today!

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